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Creating photography portraits can be a rewarding experience. It is however it is a skill like so many others in which practice makes – if not perfection, at least close to perfection. Learning from the experience of others is another key to the path to portrait perfection. This article offers several suggestions that photographers can follow to perfect their craft.

1. Before the shoot, give the clients a checklist they can follow to prepare for the shoot. Included items would be what kind of clothing and makeup to wear and what to do with glasses during the shoot.

2. Encourage your subjects to have good posture. This can be done by placing lightly touching your client’s lower back with two fingers with one hand while you touch them on the front of the shoulders with the other hand. Doing this while you say “good posture please” will almost always improve your client’s posture.

3. Be aware of the size of your subject’s heads and hands. These are usually the parts of the body which draw the most attention. If the hands are too close to the face with the full palm or back of the hand showing, it can overpower the face.

4. Often, when a photographer is photographing infants, the mother will want her portrait taken with the infant. Remember this mother just gave birth. Her mid section may not be the most flattering. Try and get more of the mother’s face in these shots.

5. When photographing newborns, allow more time than what is required to photograph an adult. Newborns eat, sleep and play when they want. They do not follow instructions well. As a result a photographer needs to have more patience (and time) than he does when photographing adults.

6. When photographing couples kissing ask them not to pucker up. While puckering up may look perfectly natural when seen in real time, it looks unnatural when frozen in time.

7. Ask your clients to bring props which will help personalize the shot. While it may be fun for the photographer to direct the shot as he sees fit, it is the client who is paying the bills. Make sure his/her personality is manifested in the results.

Portrait photography can be a rewarding. It can also be challenging. Following above suggestions will help ensure that there are more rewards than challenges.

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When you plan to do travel photography, ask yourself these two questions: do you travel to take photos or will you just take photos while you travel?Most guys have at least two things in common. Most love all sports and anything tech. He will be able to fulfill both of his passions with a top notch new camera. 

It is common that many photographers rely very much on their camera’s autofocus, reason being it makes photography way easier to conduct.I enjoy photographing babies as I really do love children. Many might shiver at the words “photographing babies” as this is one of the most challenging photography genres.

Other than having good lighting, having a good background set-up is also very important during photo shoots. Have your object placed against a matching, neat background.When you keep the camera’s shutter open for more than a few minutes, the chances of having visible digital “noise” to appear in the image taken will increase.

Lowepro, known for its quality and innovation when it comes to bags since 1967, created the Adventura 170 shoulder bag for your DSLR Cameras.Photographers are constantly developing techniques and principles used in digital photography to enable photographs to be used to create canvas prints. 

It is a first rate, professional looking bag that projects the image that you really know what you are doing and instantly earns the respect of your colleagues. When people know that you have an interest in photography, one of the questions I am usually asked is, I’m looking for a new camera – what camera should I buy?

I have been taking photos for over 30 years now, moving over to digital about 10 years ago. I’d like to pass you on some tips on how to get the best results with your camera. What’s the right shutter speed for a given situation? It rather depends on the image you are trying to achieve. For starters you need a speed that will eliminate camera shake – 1/60 sec or less. 

Photography can be more creative than just pointing the camera & taking the photo. If you want to improve your photography skills & try out more settings than Auto Mode then you need to understand the effect of the Aperture Setting & the Shutter speed.Maternity photography is no doubt an important activity to be desired by the expectant mothers and would-be fathers. After handling initial opposition from community or elder family members, 

The best digital photo printer for you does not have to be the most expensive or the one with most features. What you should look for in a printer are the features that you would need. The basic functionalities that you need to consider are the resolution and print sizes.

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American Idol Finalist Adam Lambert Rocks Out in Great Fashions and Bold Jewelry

American Idol finalist Adam Lambert has a great sense of style. Combine his style with his powerful voice and charisma and I predict that Adam Lambert will be the winner of American Idol 2009. Adam does indeed have that Rock Star Look and he backs it up with a great voice and stage presence.

There are many components to Stage Presence. First and foremost comes being comfortable with and confident in yourself. Confidence is sexy and makes you look like a winner. You also need to be able to project  your voice to the entire room and make every person there feel like you are singing to them. Fashion plays a big part in stage presence. Think of all of the enduring Rock Gods. Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger have made an art form out of stage wear. Adam has and does all of these things. He is the total package. If he can put together a strong group of musicians to create a rock band that he will be the front man for then he has a real future.

The fashions worn by contestants on American Idol have become a phenomena of their own. Case in point, the TV Guide Network is doing a special show  that is all about American Idol Fashions. The clothing and accessories worn by Adam Lambert will play a large part in that show.

American Idol contestants work with fashion stylists supplied by the network to come up with the outfits they wear on stage each week. Adam, like the other contestants works with stylists but what I think sets him apart from a fashion standpoint is that he adds finishing touches of his own to complete his stage ensembles. Adam has received several gifts sent to him by his fans at the Adam Lambert Connection and has been known to wear some of the gifts on stage during his performances on American Idol. The good folks at the Adam Lambert Connection have a great sense of what Adam’s style is and have been able to choose items to send him that work well for him. A few weeks back they sent him a Rocker Jewelry Pendant that Adam liked so much that he wore it two weeks in a row on the show. He wore the large Spiked Pendant on the show the week with Quentin Tarantino and again the week when doing his fabulous rendition of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love. The current, May 28th issue of Rolling Stone Magazine has a full page article about Adam and there is a photo of him in Rolling Stone wearing this same pendant.

Bold fashion accessories have long been associated with Rockers and Musicians. Slash will forever be thought of wearing his top hat and Elton John is famous for his wild glasses. I think it is safe to say that Adam LambertÂwill be known for bold pendants worn with open shirts or v-necks and he wears them well!

Clarissa Parashar
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