Basics About Digital Slr Photography

According to the psychologists, people tend to get visually inclined nowadays. Most of us prefer to use our eyes to get the message from others. However, we wish to preserve the beautiful things to see and analyze too. How can we do it? We can use the camera to help us to do so.

When talking about the camera, it has been a trend for us to talk about digital SLR cameras. Yet, not many people know exactly what are the digital SLR camera and photography. Therefore, I will share with you all a little bit about the basics of digital SLR photography.

SLR is the abbreviation of Single Lens Reflex. SLR cameras are the cameras with single lens reflex feature. Many photographers especially the professional photographers start to use SLR cameras to take the best quality of the images. It makes use of mirror to reflect light entering the lens up into the eye piece or the viewfinder. So, the photographer can control how the image or picture will look like.

Furthermore, the lenses of SLR camera are interchangeable. It is good for many applications either for long distance telephoto photography or close-up macro photography. This is the most exciting feature of this SLR camera.

How about the digital SLR (dSLR) camera? It depends on lenses and mirror and optical capabilities to produce the top quality of image. Yet, a dSLR camera uses light sensor chips and digital memory cards instead of films. It is a computerized version of the SLR camera.

Below are the differences and comparison between dSLR camera and point and shoot cameras:

1. DSLR cameras use interchangeable lenses for better resolution.

2. Any picture we capture by using dSLR cameras is usually crisper, cleaner and fine upon reproduction.

3. DSLR cameras have higher speed when it comes to focusing and pictures capturing.

4. DSLR cameras work better at low lighting conditions by using ISO speeds as these cameras have lesser granularity.

5. DSLR cameras provide more professional power over depth of field, light and responsiveness.

6. DSLR cameras offer more immediate feedback as they use digital chips or light sensing SSD to translate incoming light rays into digital pictures.

7. DSLR cameras cost more than point and shoot cameras.

8. DSLR cameras are usually heavier than point and shoot cameras.

Who should use dSLR cameras? In my opinion, anyone who wishes to have crisper and clearer pictures can really have a dSLR camera either he is a hobbyist or a professional photographer. In addition, anyone who will not bother carrying bigger cameras during trips can really take back a lot of top quality photos by using dSLR camera.

Like all electronic and computerized gadgets, digital models tend to get cheaper yet better over time. For sure, dSLR cameras will eventually migrate down to consumer cameras: ability to take bursts of 10 frames in a few seconds, quick response time, higher resolution image sensors, and accurate auto-focus, among others.

In conclusion , if you plan to take photography as a profession, practice shooting some shots using professional consumer models and consider budget and quality of lenses before you start capturing.

If you want to know more about dSLR cameras, you may read through Best SLR Camera and Best Value Digital Camera.

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Fashion Leather Slipper

Leather slippers gives you style with added comfort. Usually people cannot wait to try a pair of these slippers on. Leather is a very useful and versatile material, which is great for slippers.

Only a couple reasons exist as to why people want to buy leather. These reasons are that leather is very versatile and durable to make fashion leather slippers, which can be bought in today’s world.

You will soon find out just how many styles and designs there are for leather slippers that you can choose from. You may want to think about a few things first before going out and buying footwear. The first things you will want to consider are the many types of leather that you can choose from for your leather slippers.

Leather slippers can come in many types, some of these are suede, rough and even polished leather just to name a few. While the manufactures continue to design slippers like these, they put comfort at the top of the list when designing a pair.

They put the style of the slipper in second place after comfort. You can tell when a slipper company cares about its customers when you see both of these aspects in this style of slipper. You should also remember that for different styles of slippers will come with different styles of leather that is used on the slipper.

A prime example of this would be moccasin slippers, which are made with suede or rough leather. The more high-end leather slippers will most likely used polished leather. You will also come across slippers made of different types of leather specifically designed to resist types of weather.

Cold-weather will have the benefit of warmer slippers as to keep your feet warm. A lot of these different leather types are usually lined with fleece which gives an added look and increased comfort to your feet. This type of slipper design is great for outdoor or indoor use. In fact you will find that many people will choose to wear the slippers outside the home, such as a casual walk to the local convenience store.

If you are looking for comfort and style and they seem to be your top priorities for footwear around the home, then leather slippers will be your perfect choice that you have been searching for. With all the designs and styles that you will find on the market today, you will have no trouble in finding the perfect pair for you. The price range for these particular indoor outdoor slippers varies quite considerably depending on the design that you choose from.

The style of slippers can usually be found at a local shoe store and also on the Internet which you will find a great source as well. Leather has been around for a long time and will never phased out of style. So if you’re looking for comfort and great style leather slippers will give you the best of both worlds.

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Amateur Photography

The word photography itself originates from Greek words meaning light and writing. John Herschel formally introduced the term around 1839. The first known photograph was taken by French inventor Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1825.

An amateur to photography can always take help and study the craft to improve his or her work. The basic concept is to get proper core guidance. Join a short course, or learn from books that have been written about the subject. One does not need to enroll themselves into expensive institutes. Photography, apart from its techniques and methods is also about instincts and creativity. What is important is to learn the ropes in the beginning and get a push in the right direction so that when you start, you know what you’re doing and where you’re heading. There is a vast variety of literature that is available on the subject, containing some fundamentals that can take you from an amateur hobbyist to a professional.

People often say that the only rule in photography is that there are no rules! However there most certainly are some composition guidelines that can be applied to most instances and therefore enhance the impact of the image.

The most basic can be called the Rule of Thirds. Imagine your image being divided by two vertical and horizontal lines into nine equal segments. The aim is to try and position the key elements from the scene along these lines, or at the intersections of the lines to create a semblance of balance and placement.

Now Balancing the elements is also very important of course. Placing your subject off-centre does create an interesting effect but the rest of the frame should not feel empty or void. Include other subjects that may be of lesser importance but lend some ‘weight’ to the image. Balance is the key.

Using techniques like Leading Lines gives the viewer an opportunity to view the image or photograph just as the artist wants them to. The placement of these lines or the composition of the picture can affect how our eyes move or travel through the frame and hence, give the photograph a distinct quality.

Symmetry and Patterns are just as important as creating a balance in the photograph. It lends to the feeling of even-ness and whole-ness to the frame. The Viewpoint itself can greatly effect not just the visual quality of the picture but also the message that it puts across. Different angles may depict entirely different stories.

Background of course contributes to the overall picture quality as well. It can sharpen the focus on the subject or help it blend in, creating an entirely different effect. The scene of depth of field also helps one achieve a wide or a narrow focus, thereby creating different effects. Framing and Cropping are two other techniques that provide variety when clicking and presenting a photograph.

Amateur photographers should also grab the opportunity of experimenting instead of settling down with a particular style or signature immediately. Digital photography has greatly reduced the added costs and the worries of wasting expensive film. With proper guideline and direction, one can turn photography into an enjoyable, fulfilling career.

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Photography Career: How To Become A Fashion Photographer

Fashion photography and becoming a model in this glamorous industry is the dream of many a beautiful young woman and more than one great looking guy as well. But because the allure of making it to the top level in the modeling world is so alluring, there is a lot of competition for those few top slots that produce the world’s “super models.”

If you are just starting out, the challenge is how to pick the perfect photographer who can do a top-notch portfolio for you. You want a portfolio that cuts through the pack and gets your portfolio noticed by those elite agencies who can get you the big jobs modeling for fashion magazines and commercials. So what are the qualifications for such a photographer?

Your first consideration is location. If you live in Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago of one of the other major metropolitan centers, there are elite photographers who already have the contacts they need to get your portfolio to the key decision makers in the business. If you don’t live in these cities, you have two ways to resolve the problem your “remote” location might cause.

The first one is to learn the ropes of the fashion industry so you know who the key players are. Then you can interview the photographers you do know to see if they are aware of the networking they need to do to get your portfolio noticed. This can be a tall order if you don’t have insider information but networking with models you may know who have “made it” to at least some success is a good start.

If there are no photographers in your area that understand the fashion industry to your satisfaction, you may have to travel to a major city to find the right photographer. But above all, don’t compromise your values on this. Just being well networked is not enough for a photographer to be qualified to handle your portfolio. There are some other critical tests for you to apply.

The agency has to be legitimate. They don’t ask you to pay for the portfolio and they don’t advertise to get models. A good agency is making plenty of money selling their work and they can find good models without stooping to such measures.

The photographer has to be well equipped and know his equipment. Interview him or her and discuss the effects you want to see achieved for your portfolio. They should be able to discuss with ease how they will achieve that effect and show you examples of how they have done so in the past.

The photographer should have a good eye for color, lighting, framing and staging your shots. Look at other portfolios of theirs so you can see that they know how to get what you want from a shoot. Also, get references from other models who have worked with them. You want to be confidence that once the shoot gets underway, you are in top-notch hands.

Above all, you have to “click” with your photographer. Having your picture taken is a very personal event. These photo shoots may get long and difficult. Perfection is hard work. Listen to how the photographer talks about his work. The most important thing to come from these shots is personality. That is what is going to break you through the pack and get you noticed. If your photographer can get that from you, they can take you a long way toward your goals of success in the modeling world.

Brian Scott is a full-time self-employed entrepreneur. Visit Brian’s free website, and learn about making money as a photographer and receiving free digital photography help.

Becoming A Fashion Photographer: More Than Just Photography

We see the fashion magazines lining the shelves at various stores. We see fashion tips and designers featured on celebrity shows and Hollywood publications. We take a look at the reviews of each designer throughout each high profile fashion week. These are all images captured by a fashion photographer. Fashion photography is among one of the most highly coveted careers in both the fashion world and the photography world. It requires a photography degree and plenty of experience.

When paging through publications such as Vogue or Vanity Fair, few take the time to think about the time, work, effort, and talent that was required to capture each photograph. It requires having a strong eye for fashion, style, art, and of course, photography. A fashion photographer uses all they have learned while obtaining their photography degree and utilizes it to create an exceptional portfolio of their talent and experiences in the fashion world.

Fashion photographers are those who capture photographs on and off the runway. They follow the designers, models, and styles from the design room to the catwalk. The photographs must showcase not only the photographer’s talent, but the work and brilliance of each designer as well. In addition to taking shots of the designers and their work, it is important to capture the photos of celebrities sporting the fashions as well. One of the most vital ways to achieve successes in the fashion world is through word of mouth, and celebrity endorsements. By snapping photos of Hollywood’s most beloved stars in a dress or pair of shoes by a particular designer, their popularity instantly doubles.

Fashion photography combines all that one has mastered while receiving their photography degree, while also using their artistic eye and combining it with an eye for style and fashion. Capturing the models photos is crucial, as it will depict the idea of the designer and the fashion that they are showcasing. These photos will be displayed everywhere, and reviewed and criticized by many.

The testing procedure itself is also a key factor to determine the option.

Motel Rocks: Style Redefined!

Named as short order/quick response brand of the year by Drapers magazine, Motel Rocks fashion defines woman as very individualistic and fashion conscious. Their killer-style clothesline has a pinch of retro and more of punk styling. This is what has caught the imagination of women who love to dress in clothes that reflect tons of attitude!

The fun-filled vibrant designs define their attitude. The perfectly tailored creations are inspired by vintage styling. They also reflect punk trends. This unique punk-retro mixture has caught the eyes of celebrities like Duffy and Kate Nash who were seen in Motel Rock dresses. It has become so common to see celebrities flaunting their designs that magazines like Cosmopolitan and Now also publish their creations.

Their collection at Ministry of Fashion has put up colourful and varied designs on display. Their luxurious creations come in very competitive prices. For example, Motel Ellie dress in black, with chiffon for the skirt and Hali sleeveless with net finish around waist are bewitching and just right for special night outs.

The new Cleo Bodice-night sky black worn with shorts looks naughty and just right for fun-filled evenings. You can team the new Cleo Bodice-triangle in vibrant colours and harem pants. This is one ensemble that is sure to elicit envious looks from your pals. Motel Carrine wallflower grey pleated skirt with pockets will show you as a naughty chick of the block.

Motel Dolphine in night sky black with plunging V neck is discreetly sexy and good for a dinner date. Motel Harriet in black with net finish around the neck is sophisticated and gives you that look of no-nonsense-girl next door. Brianne in black and bronze liquid lycra neckline has tactfully done up net detailing. It is a perfect piece to set the dancing floor on fire!

These exceptional designs are different and distinctive. At the same time they are very feminine too. Apart from daily wear, Motel Rocks dresses, party wear, wedding dresses, jeans and tops, jackets, etc are a big hit with the youth. The flamboyant, vivid colours symbolise youthfulness. The brightly coloured jeans this season is a hit with the college-goers. The Motel Tube skirt and Amy skirt are a big craze this season, just try it on and see the difference yourself!

Now if there is a funky party with fun and frolic coming up this weekend, and you dont know what to wear, where to search for it, and you have little time left, then dont despair! You dont need to get hassled or hit the high fashion street shops.

Just log on and browse through the vast range of new arrivals at The site is incredibly easy to browse. You will be amazed at the collection on display. Enjoy the shopping spree!

Fashion Photography London From

I think most non-experts would assume that if you can take decent photographs you can take photos of everything. However this is not the case, although some photographers would have you believe otherwise.

Taking a photo of someone in a studio for example is very different to photographing a music concert. The pace is different, the equipment you need to use is different and even the style of photographs needed varies.

If you are after having some photos taken for whatever reason then you should make sure that the person you hire specialises in the types of photos that you need. That way you can be sure that you get the best value for money and the best photos that you can hope for.

For example if you are after some photos to showcase different outfits or looks then you really want someone that specialises in fashion photographer. This is because they will know the best ways to pose, how to get the most out of the clothes and how to give you the best photos ever. There are plenty of people that offer this type of photography; it is just a matter of shopping around for exactly what you want.

One of the quickest ways to do this is to look online. However what you need to really make sure you do is look for someone local. You dont really want to be travelling 400 miles to get some photos done if you can help it. So simply add on the name of your area to your search. For example fashion photography London would be idea to find London photographers. You can then browse through their website, which will usually have prices and samples of their work and get an idea of whether they offer what you are looking for. You can also browse through the websites and compare between them, making sure you get the one that suits you best. If you live somewhere small and quiet you may need to broaden your search term slightly in order to find someone, but there is usually plenty of choice available so there should not be too much of a struggle to find someone that can help. can provide the best fashion photography London and commercial photography London , with the best photographer to give you high quality and professional looking prints.

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Fashion Trends 2011 – New Rock – Shoes And Boots

The ultimate alternative footwear fashion statement are, and have always been ” New Rock Boots And Shoes “. Their futuristic chunky style make them the accessory of choice for almost all of the sub cultures.

The New Rock company has been trading for over thirty years now and has built up a very loyal following from every corner of the globe, due to their unique vintage quality, genuine one of a kind rare product and incomparable customer satisfaction.

New Rock also have the advantage of being able to keep their cost low because of the high demand for their unusual boots and shoes, and are extremely happy to past these savings on to their customers.

Take it from me if you are a Goth, Emo or Punk and have not already heard of New Rock Boots and Shoes, let alone own at least on pair, I have to tell you look can not be complete until get on board with this innovative fashion company.

New Rock are designing there range of footwear with the alternative sub cultures in mind ( you know who you are ), and will always strive to be at the cutting edge of alternative style and fashion …. Just for you !

Here are just a few reasons I swear by New Rock.
Cutting edge futuristic and forward thinking fashion designers.
Hard wearing because of the highest quality craftsmanship
Absolute value for money and customer satisfaction.

There are few strange people that may not like New Rock footwear, for instance marathon runners, football players, swimmers and athletes. And they could be adverse to this amazing brand due to the chunky, hard wearing and heavy nature of New Rock’s designs.

But did you know that a large percentage of New Rock’s range are very fashionable Shoes / Trainers, that not only, still make a massive statement but are very comfortable, and yes can even be worn when playing sports or running.

New Rock offer a money back guarantee and deliver worldwide. Therefore you have no reason not to at least check out one of my favourite companies online.

They have the experience and know how to satisfy me and you for many years to come, with new designs and styles being developed constantlyNew Rock Boots and Shoes will certainly last another 30 years and beyond.

PS. Look Out For The New Clothing Range Coming Soon.

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Visit “New Rock” today to see their full amazing range

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About Portrait Photography

It is always interesting to take pictures of people as compared to inanimate objects or even animals. This is because different people project different emotions and it is always interesting to capture them on film. By doing so- a part of the individuals character is frozen onto film forever. Portrait photography is not as easy as it looks. One must be experienced in the field before experimenting with portraits as it requires a certain kind of creativity and patience.

Most portrait photographers prefer to keep the subject at the center of the background. The color of the background is kept neutral or dull so that entire focus is on the subject. Since portrait photography is all about focusing on the face of the subject, it is important that you choose a background with soft but solid colors. If you choose a background of a busy street- the purpose of your photograph will be lost.

In case you want the subject to get additional attention, it is recommended that you blur the background for best results. The details should be blurred so that the subject is given due attention. For this purpose, you need to change the settings of the camera to achieve the same. One can do so by shooting the photograph from a short distance with the help of a zoom lens.

While portrait photographers focus on the face of the subject, it becomes difficult for beginners to ascertain which feature of the face to emphasize on. The answer here is- the eyes. As they say- the eyes are the windows to the soul. Therefore, you will be able to capture exact emotions and feelings by doing so. Your photograph will definitely be a work of art if you perfect this area of portrait photography. It has been said that if you catch the subject off guard, you will be able to get the true emotions which are lost when one is told to pose in a certain manner. However, a number of portrait photographers advise their subjects to keep their faces straight so that their eyes are pointing straight into the lens of the camera while others tell their subject to turn their heads and focus on an object in the distance.

With portrait photography, natural light is always the safest bet. It helps to enhance the quality of the photograph by arresting the exact color and warmth of the subject’s skin. Portrait photographs should always be shot outdoors while the sun is blazing bright. However, make sure that the subject is standing in such a way that the light of the sun does not fall directly on his/her face. Instead- it should fall on its side.

In order to avoid silhouettes, make sure that the subject is standing in front of the sun. However, make sure that the individual or object is not placed directly in front of the sun as this can distort the color and quality of the photograph. One can use the fill-in flash to create necessary shadows.

In conclusion, it should be remembered that since this field of photography is slightly trickier, one should keep practicing and taking test shots. Carry out experiments so that you can create your own unique style. Also make sure that you get enough information from the internet and books so that you are aware of each and every aspect related to the field.

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Photography As Art


WHAT is the most beautiful sight you have ever seen? To some this may be a very difficult question to answer – perhaps, you too may have seen many beautiful sights and find it difficult to select one.

Most of us cherish a special moment when we were intoxicated by the beauty of the landscape or the subject in front of us. During our life time we’ll call to mind those indelible memories. If we could, we would re-visit that location or photograph that subject time and time again.

That scene or creature that captivated us is a work of art.

Art is a word that has caused a great deal of controversy especially in the recent past. Some photographers use the word art to describe and sell their work.

But, what is art? Can you define it? If you are a photographer that sells your work as photographic art – what is it that qualifies it as such?
Defining Art
 A definition of art that will satisfy everybody is probably impossible. But as good an explanation as any is found in Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, which says that art is; “the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects.”
On this basis we can say that a photographer needs to have both skill and creative imagination. When he puts these two aptitudes to work, he can produce something that others will find pleasing or attractive. 

A deeper definition of art by the French photographer, Alain Briot: “Art is not concerned with record keeping. Art is concerned with expressing emotions, feelings and opinions. Record keeping is factual, concerned with capturing reality and concerned with recording things as they are. Art is non-factual and is concerned with interpreting reality rather than with capturing reality as-is.”

His definition goes further than the Webster’s Dictionary because it is specific in explaining the difference between photography as art and what he calls, record keeping, meaning a photograph that is devoid of some of the factors he highlights.

Basically, this means that a photographic image can be described as a work of art if the photographer uses skill, creative imagination, interpreting reality and expresses this with feeling.

Skill and Imagination 
Skill and creative imagination is involved in the creation of art. What kind of skill is needed?

Unless the photographer is capable to convert his creative imagination fed by emotions and present it visually, the final print will be a failure technically. In our digital era, a successful photographer needs to acquire a number of skills. In pre-digital times, the film Lab did most of the pro-production work with relatively little input from the photographer.
Today, it is very different – not only must the photographer know how to use his camera tools fluently but he must add other skills in the production of the final print. A computer is a necessity and so is learning how to use software products to manipulate captured images, to change, refine and much more – all this has a direct bearing on the quality of the result – the print.

Without these skills the photographer cannot express visually his imagination – the two aptitudes are different and yet they are inseparably married.

“Why do people pursue art so passionately?” – asked Professor Michael Leyton in Symmetry, Causality, Mind. As he pointed out, some might say that mental activity such as mathematics confers clear benefits to humans, but why art?

Says Leyton: “Art is perhaps the most inexplicable phenomenon of the human species.”

Carlos Pereira received a qualification from the Institute of Professional Photographers. He developed a successful business in the UK as a wedding and portrait photographer. He received further training in the USA from Monte Zucker, a master photographer.
He concentrates his photography as a travelling photographer selling landscapes and wildlife images from his website of Uk, Europe and Africa. His vision has been molded by the classic portaiture that was his business for a number of years.

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