England’s super soccer pin-up Jamie Redknapp, a star of the brilliant Euro 96 team, is playing the field – and has shown the red card to settling down with just one woman.
The sexy Liverpool midfielder makes no apologies for hitting the town with his mates but says he’s Lycra Leggingssuspicious of beauties who try to score with him!
Jamie, 22, says “I’m a lad and I want to go out and play around. What’s wrong with that?
“I’m not an angel. That’s the way I want to be. You’ve got to be a bit of a rascal sometimes.
“When women approach me in clubs or wherever, they may seem very genuine but I have to stand back and ask myself, ‘Does she like me for me or because I’m famous?’
“I’ve got to be so careful with people nowadays.
“As far as finding The One for me, I always believe that sooner or later you are going to meet someone and it just happens, so I’ll wait.
“People expect footballers to jump into bed with everyone,
but I’m not ready to make a commitment to one girl.
“I’m not sure what I want from a relationship yet so it wouldn’t be fair. I want to play the field.
“But I’ll be honest with you and say I’ve been knocked back lots of times and it makes you feel stupid, particularly if your mates are about.
“There’s probably a few blokes now thinking, ‘Oh yeah, sure you have’. It’s true, honest.”
But the stylish player, dubbed the Catwalk King by his Anfield team-mates, won’t rule out a future lovematch with ex-Eternal singer Louise Nurding. The couple have been inseparable since meeting at a Take That gig about four years ago and Louise admits it’s natural to assume they’re an item.
“Louise is a great girl, fantastic really. She’s brilliant company and I know she’s gorgeous,” says Jamie.
“People are always telling me we’d be good together so who knows what will happen.
“It’s an old line but it just happens to be true – we are just close friends at the moment. Fortunately I get to see a lot of her. We mix in the same circle of friends. But we’ve both got so much on with our careers that we really couldn’t get it together at the moment.”
One girlfriend who did grab the headlines was millionaire’s daughter Davinia Murphy, who reportedly dumped Jamie for Manchester United star Ryan Giggs.
Jamie says “I went out with her a couple of times, just dates, about two years ago – a long time before she met Ryan.
“But it wasn’t a case of her dumping me. It just didn’t work out mutually.
“I’ve had about four steady girlfriends. About six months ago I split up with a girl who was at college in Latex CatsuitsLeeds.
“We just couldn’t get it together as boyfriend and girlfriend but we’re still friends now – which I’m grateful for.”
Jamie, the youngest son of West Ham manager Harry Redknapp, still hasn’t come to terms with why his female fans aren’t interested in his on-field performance. Every week he gets perfume-scented love notes by the sackful – including letters from girls begging for a date or trying to lure him with lace underwear.
He jokes “All sorts of things go through your mind when you get sent a pair of knickers.
“I think, ‘Ooh, is it from Elle Macpherson?’ If only!
“I get asked what I do with all the knickers – I wear them, of course!”
Female adoration aside, the kind of praise Jamie really gets excited about is the endorsement of England coach Terry Venables.
When the team beat Scotland 2-0 in a marvellous Euro 96 clash, Jamie was hailed by his coach as the man who turned the game around when he replaced Stuart Pearce at half-time.
Jamie played for 40 minutes before twisting his ankle ligaments and leaving the pitch on a stretcher.
But football experts across the country raved about his calming influence and ability to win the ball and feed Liverpool team-mate Steve McManaman.

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Your Guide to Buying a Rocking Chair

The rocking chair was first invented in the 18th century and it has provided millions of people a higher level of relaxation since then. Rocking chairs are pieces of furniture that defy the usual function of a chair. These chairs have legs that are poised over curved pieces of wood which makes it possible for the chair to sway forwards and backwards, setting the one sitting on it in a gentle rocking motion. Rocking chairs provide comfort that is beyond what is usually offered by traditional chairs or seats. The rocking of a rocking chair can provide relaxation and a whole new dimension of comfort for you and your family.

Rockers, as they sometimes are called, can be placed in different areas of the house that needs a chair. They provide a good place to relax in, and also provide aesthetic flair to a room. It gives a room a homey and a peaceful look without trying too hard or taking up too much space. Having a rocking chair in the patio, veranda, bedroom, library or living room can automatically provide an automatic relaxing getaway without leaving the room. This chair is great for those short afternoon naps, reading or simply relaxing while having a cup of coffee or tea while having a great conversation with a loved one.

Rockers are usually made of hardwood, and this makes them really durable and strong. Aside from making the rocking chairs stronger and long-lasting, hardwoods provide aesthetic value to rockers because of their beautiful colors and grain. Hardwoods’ properties add flair and beauty to rocking chairs, and this adds to their design value. Adding a hardwood rocking chair carved beautifully and made with intricate designs will surely add spice to an otherwise bland room.

Rockers are made of several parts or components that contribute to its overall design and functionality. The curved pieces of wood are called rockers, and this serves as the main base of your rocking chair. Although rockers is also the term that is used to refer to a rocking chair, the term rocker for craftsmen refer to the curved wood fixed at the base of the legs of the rocking chair. These rockers must be made with utmost precision and care so that a soft, balanced rocking motion is achieved by the chair whenever it is set in motion. Many people, however, meet accidents with rockers as feet and toes can get easily crushed underneath them whenever the chair is in motion. Because of this, more modern rockers have springs that alleviate this concern. The backrests of the rocking chair function like the backrests of traditional chairs. The backrests of rocking chairs however, are designed to provide more comfortable back support. They have a slight bend or angle to more effectively catch a reclining posture. This is also to retain comfort even while the occupant is rocking back and forth with the rocking chair. The legs of a rocking chair functions like the legs of a regular chair, only that they are quite thicker and shorter because the legs are mounted to the rocker. Armrests are not always there, because some rocking chairs do not have armrests. Rocking chairs with armrests provide higher levels of comfort, though.

There are different types of rocking chairs available and sold in the market, and it is important to consider what you’re looking for so that what you get will be what you need.
1. Indoor rocking chairs

Thes chairs are the conventional rocking chairs. These are the ones placed inside the home-in bedrooms, libraries, children’s rooms, living rooms and dens. These chairs usually have cushions and fabric trimmings that add to the comfort of the chair. These chairs are made of wicker and wood, and can be made to suit the theme of the room they will be placed in. Intricate carvings and designs can add to its aesthetic value. Sometimes, indoor rocking chairs can be chosen just so its design stands out in the room. This way, the rocking chair becomes the defining piece of furniture in the room it is in.

2. Outdoor Rockers

Outdoor rockers are usually placed in the open spaces in the house. Verandas, patios, gazebos and even gardens are good places to place an outdoor rocking chair. These chairs are usually made out of plastic and aluminium so as to make them weather-proof and very durable. Some outdoor rocking chairs are made out of hardwood, although this is discouraged because weather will deal great damage on your wooden furniture. Outdoor rocking chairs provide a whole new dimension of outdoor relaxation. Now, resting in the sunshine is never more comfortable.

3. Gliders and children’s rockers

Gliders and children’s rockers are non-conventional designs for rocking chairs. Gliders lose the traditional curved wood rocker, and instead replaces it with smooth hinges that move back and forth. The same design is adapted for children’s rockers that are usually found in cribs. While gliders are more expensive than the traditional rocking chair, this design is more favoured in environments and rooms where the characteristic noise of a rocking chair is not favoured. Gliders that are found in children’s rooms and nurseries and even libraries are most favourable because they produce very little noise.

Whatever kind oF chair you get, it is important to always consider your needs, budget and design concerns. There are lots of designs out there in the market and they are available at all price ranges possible. All you have to do is to know where to look. It is best to surf the internet and ask around for possible shops and good places to look for the perfect rocking chair that will last for generations to come.

To see beautiful photos of the furniture mentioned in this article, please see Erik Schimek’s dining room furniture website, which features kitchen tables, dining room tables, wine servers and china cabinets.

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Bono’s Journey From Rock Musician To Humanitarian

U2s lead singer Bono isn’t content with being part of a top band. Fashion and Music – well I’m sure they can mix!

Bono was born Paul David Hewson in 1960 in Dublin Ireland.  His stage name  is Bono.  Bono is the lead singer of US, he is also a songwriter.  He married Ali Stewart in August 1982 and they have 5 children.  Bono is also actively involved in as an activist and screenwriter.

Paul was a curious child who seemed to see the world from a different perspective from the rest of the world.  When Paul was 15 he suffered the loss of his mother who he was very close to.  In high school Paul found himself drawn to music and playing the guitar, spending a great deal of time involved with the school theater.  The name Bono was the brain child of his close friend Guggi who took it from a Hearing Aide store located in Dublin.  Bono Vox also means good voice in latin.

In 1976 a flyer was posted at his high school by Larry Mullen who was looking to form a band.  Paul was jumped at the opportunity.  The band became U2 which is now known around the globe.

Ali Hewson [nee Alison Stewart] grew up in the suburbs of north Dublin.  She met Bono at high school.  He tried to chat her up but she ignored him.  Over the years he continued to pursue her.  Their relationship moved very slowly because Alison wasn’t interested in becoming one of the Bono girls.  After his mother died, Ali being the practical person she is, helped Bono with the essentials like food and clothing. Ali was 22 when they wed.  

Ali Hewson appears to be open and down to earth in all respects.  She appears honest and never puts on that she knows more about a topic than she does.  She smiles often and appears to be a happy human being.  She earned her degree in social science, politics, and sociology at the age of 33.  She also became involved with Greenpeace.

It was having children that put Ali Hewson on the path of thinking more about the environment.  She became concerned about what they would grow up to have, what would be left of the environment.  Ali got involved with Greenpeace campaigning against the Sellafield nuclear power plant.  

Over time, U2 also became actively involved in the protest against the Sellafield nuclear power plant.  She had not direct responsibility for U2 becoming involved but because Bono and Ali share the same concerns, it was a natural outcome.  Ali feels as a wealthy person she has a responsibility to do what she can to raise awareness on such issues.  

So isn’t it natural that Bono and Ali have now evolved to another level of involvement with social politics.  Bono and his wife Ali Hewson now have their fingers in the Fashion industry.  But wait – this isn’t just any old fashion venture.  This one has a new twist.  Their goal is to involve developing countries in the producing of their clothing line, improving the quality of life for these people and their economic welfare.

A new line of clothing has hit the market – Edun – anyone catch that Edun is Nude spelt backwards? The Eden line consists of a casual collection of jeans, T-shirts, chiffon dresses, and blazers.  The line is available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Bono and his wife are attempting to become actively involved in social activism and the betterment of people in developing countries.  Their goal is for the Edun collection to be soooo hot that it will be able to provide employment for people in developing nations around the world, developing stable long term relationships with these countries.  

Great thought goes into selecting which country will produce which clothing.  Selection is based on the resources and talent of the developing countries.  They attempt to make “good” matches which are beneficial to Edun and the developing country.  They believe that the developing countries and their people will benefit financially and emotionally.  But the big picture also means that these developing countries can become part of the global economy.  

Bono and his wife might be on the right track with this concept with Edun, as the consumers are becoming much more interested in knowing where and by whom the clothes they purchase are made.  The consumer has become social conscious.  So this concept could be a win win for everyone!

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Street Photography

Street photography generally refers to photographs taken from the public places like streets, parks, beaches, malls, political conventions and other same places. In one sense it can be thought of as a branch of  documentary photography but unlike traditional documentary its chief aim to document a particular subject, but rather to create photographs which strongly demonstrate the photographer’s vision of the world. Good street photography often ends up being good documentary photography without really trying, especially after the passage of a few years, but unlike documentary it seldom has an explicit social agenda.

Street photography, like most other branches of photography, has involved both aesthetic and technological innovations, and often the introduction of new technology has had a profound impact on the prevailing aesthetic. The introduction of small, fast, high-quality digital cameras in recent years has already begun to affect the aesthetic paradigm and seems to have been responsible for an explosion of image-making arena.

Street photography has never been a particularly commercial branch of photography and yet it holds an abiding fascination for photographers and audiences alike, not least because the visual drama of ‘the street’, however defined, provides a subject which is capable of being continually revisited and reinterpreted. Street photography has not been used in commercial way means noone indulged himself into any trade of such photographs, these are leisure time hobby sort of photography.

Street photography is, what all photography is, a snap shot. What shines through is the vision of the  photographer about the scene, what they see in the situation, their reaction to the situation in the society, the art they see in the every day. Street photography is one of the most difficult types of photography to practice. Not only does it require a certain special technical settings to capture the great visuals, but to be successful it also requires behaviors and strategies for any amount of success.

The best thing about street photography is that it is possible for the final viewer of a print to see more than the original photographer. One of the great things about a city is that more things are happening, even within a small surroundings, at any moment than any human can comprehend. Photography allows us to freeze one of those moments and study all of the small dramas that were taking place.

The purpose of street photography will again vary from one street photographer to another. Some photographers are interested in simply and honestly documenting life as they see it. Some want to make artistic photographs of available street scenes and others basically enjoy taking pictures and do it purely for the pleasure of it.

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College Style: Rocking the Rocker Glam

College is filled with books and lectures and walks across campus; but it’s also filled with fashion. Students, while there to learn, also want to feel comfortable and look good. Here are some tips on how to rock the rocker look at school and anywhere else.

Rocker Glam can be seen on start from Miley Cyrus to Amy Winehouse, and every person goes about wearing this style in slightly different ways. The good thing is that there is no one way to rock the rocker glam style. Students can go about adding certain fashions and accessories to their wardrobe and mastering the rocker attitude a little at a time.

Torn skinny jeans are an essential part of any chic rocker look; as they are with several current fashion trends. Skinny jeans are available in a wide array of washes and colors, and can be dressed up or down depending on what they are paired with. For a cool daytime look, try acid washed torn skinnies; for a night on the town, add sophistication with some dark wash skinny jeans and heels.

Shoes are one great way to make a statement when rocking this look. It doesn’t matter so much what type of shoes are worn; the main idea is to wear shoes that make a statement. Some people assume that to show off rocker style, clunky black biker boots are a must have; but this isn’t necessarily the case. A rocker chick can wear knee-high boots, skate shoes or even bright yellow stilettos!

To really hit the mark for this look, combine hints of femininity with hard, edgy fashions. For instance, lace up your biker boots with pink laces or wear a beaded lanyard to display your student ID. Lanyards have long been the most accessible way to display student ID conveniently. However, for years, lanyards have typically been nylon ropes containing rather drab designs, if any at all. No rocker chick wants to look like a gym teacher!

Today, one can easily find lanyards that feature cool designs or feminine beading or hip designs on nylon. Since a lanyard is the best and most convenient way to wear student ID, keys and even iPods, the rocker chick can find that perfect lanyard that shows off her feminine side and pair it up with jeans and a tank top.

When it comes to the types of shirts that add the rocker vibe to a look, there is a lot of room in which the stylish girl can play. Skinny jeans are a great match with bohemian style tunic tops; but for a casual outfit for school, a vintage t-shirt is the perfect fit.

In order to make the rocker glam style work, makeup and hair also come into play. Thick eyeliner and messy hair are hallmarks of this trendy style. The goal is to be fun without going overboard. When it comes to this style, as with any other style for glam girls, it is important that clothing fit well and compliment the proportions of the body; so be sure to always purchase only those pieces that flatter the figure.

For more information about lanyards, please check out lanyard.

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Photography Careers?

You may or may not know that there are really 3 areas in which you can pursue a career in photography. Your skills as a photographer and the training which you may have received will most likely influence which area you choose to pursue. These areas will be General, Commercial and Advertising Photography.

The general area is more dominated by covering such opportunities as weddings, senior portraits, family photos, you know the general sort of stuff. A good example of this is David Wadley, who provides Birmingham Wedding Photography. Most of the photographers in this area will not be using this income as their primary source.

Commercial photographers will work for businesses rather than the community. This will be shooting for the likes of magazines/catalogues, newspapers, architectural business, any type of corporation that require photographs to be taken. This could mean that you will be a staff photographer or working as a freelance. Freelance means that your hours are much more flexible but you’re generally not able to rely on a steady income. If you do work in this area then you will probably specialize in a specific area, such as food, concerts or motoring.

And as for advertising, well it’s a bit of an obvious one really because the clue is in the name. These photographers will help companies to advertise. This area is hard to break into, but when you do, you will find your name pretty much everywhere from magazines, tv shows, billboards and other types of media outlet. To get into this area you will have to find out how to climb the ladder to success and be prepared to spend a lot of time and effort doing so.

So before choosing what area you want to get into in your Photography career, make sure you know what it’s going to take and which would be best suited for you.

David Wadley

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Photography Career Outlook

Skills Required
A natural inclination towards art and never-ceasing creativity is a high bonus for the working photographer. Having these qualities propels one to increase in experience and jump ranks. Also, the task of dealing with a lot of different people falls in the category of flexibility, therefore acquiring these talents is also a priority. An above average technical know-how of your genre (whether it be Portrait or Nature Photography) is highly prized and expertise in more than one genre is always a good asset to have. A business mind-set as a photographer, apart from the artistic perception, is also an important career building block.

Naturally, photographers who work full time or at least have steady salary, tend to earn more than the self employed photographer. Freelance photography can be very hard to sustain financially, as it cuts holes in one’s pockets due to upkeep (maintenance and repair). There are a few freelance photographers successful enough to do this but it takes more patience to generate enough profit from the work. Intense planning is needed before thinking about buying expensive cameras and other equipment. The average salary for the photographer is estimated around $ 27,000 every year, with as high as $ 50,000 dollar earnings and as low as $ 15,000.

Working Hours
Obviously, the self employed gains the upper hand with this one. The salaried photographer tends to work irregular hours depending on company projects. Long working nights tend to be random and one must get used to this kind of work ethic. The 40 hour a week estimate is the average 5 day breakdown (depending on the nature and genre of the project). This also tends to vary with different companies so nothing is set in stone.

The principle of photography, or the concept and study of it, goes back at least 2500 years. When the first permanent photo was produced in the early 19th century, the world was changed and it catapulted the evolution of human imagination to great heights and branched into multiple forms and ideas, propelling public exposure of entertainment and education onto the greater mainstream. Nowadays, photography has reached a climax wherein it has evolved into a career building opportunity for people who like to observe and capture moments, either professionally or artistically. It is always a good idea to ask other photographers about their careers and ask advice for a better photographer career outlook.

My name is Allan and I love arts and I conventionally advise quality sites for students who want the best for their career as photographers. When they ask me a good place where they can find good art and photography schools in USA, I forewarn them that the best action to take is to look for reference sites instead of visiting art schools and colleges one by one. You can find on Google good references, like and many others.

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Fashion Leather Slipper

Leather slippers gives you style with added comfort. Usually people cannot wait to try a pair of these slippers on. Leather is a very useful and versatile material, which is great for slippers.

Only a couple reasons exist as to why people want to buy leather. These reasons are that leather is very versatile and durable to make fashion leather slippers, which can be bought in today’s world.

You will soon find out just how many styles and designs there are for leather slippers that you can choose from. You may want to think about a few things first before going out and buying footwear. The first things you will want to consider are the many types of leather that you can choose from for your leather slippers.

Leather slippers can come in many types, some of these are suede, rough and even polished leather just to name a few. While the manufactures continue to design slippers like these, they put comfort at the top of the list when designing a pair.

They put the style of the slipper in second place after comfort. You can tell when a slipper company cares about its customers when you see both of these aspects in this style of slipper. You should also remember that for different styles of slippers will come with different styles of leather that is used on the slipper.

A prime example of this would be moccasin slippers, which are made with suede or rough leather. The more high-end leather slippers will most likely used polished leather. You will also come across slippers made of different types of leather specifically designed to resist types of weather.

Cold-weather will have the benefit of warmer slippers as to keep your feet warm. A lot of these different leather types are usually lined with fleece which gives an added look and increased comfort to your feet. This type of slipper design is great for outdoor or indoor use. In fact you will find that many people will choose to wear the slippers outside the home, such as a casual walk to the local convenience store.

If you are looking for comfort and style and they seem to be your top priorities for footwear around the home, then leather slippers will be your perfect choice that you have been searching for. With all the designs and styles that you will find on the market today, you will have no trouble in finding the perfect pair for you. The price range for these particular indoor outdoor slippers varies quite considerably depending on the design that you choose from.

The style of slippers can usually be found at a local shoe store and also on the Internet which you will find a great source as well. Leather has been around for a long time and will never phased out of style. So if you’re looking for comfort and great style leather slippers will give you the best of both worlds.

Read more on Leather Slippers at Fibre2fashion is World’s Largest B2B Marketplace. Find Buyers, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Exporters, Importers of Textile, Garment & Fashion Industry.

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Amateur Photography

The word photography itself originates from Greek words meaning light and writing. John Herschel formally introduced the term around 1839. The first known photograph was taken by French inventor Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1825.

An amateur to photography can always take help and study the craft to improve his or her work. The basic concept is to get proper core guidance. Join a short course, or learn from books that have been written about the subject. One does not need to enroll themselves into expensive institutes. Photography, apart from its techniques and methods is also about instincts and creativity. What is important is to learn the ropes in the beginning and get a push in the right direction so that when you start, you know what you’re doing and where you’re heading. There is a vast variety of literature that is available on the subject, containing some fundamentals that can take you from an amateur hobbyist to a professional.

People often say that the only rule in photography is that there are no rules! However there most certainly are some composition guidelines that can be applied to most instances and therefore enhance the impact of the image.

The most basic can be called the Rule of Thirds. Imagine your image being divided by two vertical and horizontal lines into nine equal segments. The aim is to try and position the key elements from the scene along these lines, or at the intersections of the lines to create a semblance of balance and placement.

Now Balancing the elements is also very important of course. Placing your subject off-centre does create an interesting effect but the rest of the frame should not feel empty or void. Include other subjects that may be of lesser importance but lend some ‘weight’ to the image. Balance is the key.

Using techniques like Leading Lines gives the viewer an opportunity to view the image or photograph just as the artist wants them to. The placement of these lines or the composition of the picture can affect how our eyes move or travel through the frame and hence, give the photograph a distinct quality.

Symmetry and Patterns are just as important as creating a balance in the photograph. It lends to the feeling of even-ness and whole-ness to the frame. The Viewpoint itself can greatly effect not just the visual quality of the picture but also the message that it puts across. Different angles may depict entirely different stories.

Background of course contributes to the overall picture quality as well. It can sharpen the focus on the subject or help it blend in, creating an entirely different effect. The scene of depth of field also helps one achieve a wide or a narrow focus, thereby creating different effects. Framing and Cropping are two other techniques that provide variety when clicking and presenting a photograph.

Amateur photographers should also grab the opportunity of experimenting instead of settling down with a particular style or signature immediately. Digital photography has greatly reduced the added costs and the worries of wasting expensive film. With proper guideline and direction, one can turn photography into an enjoyable, fulfilling career.

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Motel Rocks: Style Redefined!

Named as short order/quick response brand of the year by Drapers magazine, Motel Rocks fashion defines woman as very individualistic and fashion conscious. Their killer-style clothesline has a pinch of retro and more of punk styling. This is what has caught the imagination of women who love to dress in clothes that reflect tons of attitude!

The fun-filled vibrant designs define their attitude. The perfectly tailored creations are inspired by vintage styling. They also reflect punk trends. This unique punk-retro mixture has caught the eyes of celebrities like Duffy and Kate Nash who were seen in Motel Rock dresses. It has become so common to see celebrities flaunting their designs that magazines like Cosmopolitan and Now also publish their creations.

Their collection at Ministry of Fashion has put up colourful and varied designs on display. Their luxurious creations come in very competitive prices. For example, Motel Ellie dress in black, with chiffon for the skirt and Hali sleeveless with net finish around waist are bewitching and just right for special night outs.

The new Cleo Bodice-night sky black worn with shorts looks naughty and just right for fun-filled evenings. You can team the new Cleo Bodice-triangle in vibrant colours and harem pants. This is one ensemble that is sure to elicit envious looks from your pals. Motel Carrine wallflower grey pleated skirt with pockets will show you as a naughty chick of the block.

Motel Dolphine in night sky black with plunging V neck is discreetly sexy and good for a dinner date. Motel Harriet in black with net finish around the neck is sophisticated and gives you that look of no-nonsense-girl next door. Brianne in black and bronze liquid lycra neckline has tactfully done up net detailing. It is a perfect piece to set the dancing floor on fire!

These exceptional designs are different and distinctive. At the same time they are very feminine too. Apart from daily wear, Motel Rocks dresses, party wear, wedding dresses, jeans and tops, jackets, etc are a big hit with the youth. The flamboyant, vivid colours symbolise youthfulness. The brightly coloured jeans this season is a hit with the college-goers. The Motel Tube skirt and Amy skirt are a big craze this season, just try it on and see the difference yourself!

Now if there is a funky party with fun and frolic coming up this weekend, and you dont know what to wear, where to search for it, and you have little time left, then dont despair! You dont need to get hassled or hit the high fashion street shops.

Just log on and browse through the vast range of new arrivals at The site is incredibly easy to browse. You will be amazed at the collection on display. Enjoy the shopping spree!