College Style: Rocking the Rocker Glam

College is filled with books and lectures and walks across campus; but it’s also filled with fashion. Students, while there to learn, also want to feel comfortable and look good. Here are some tips on how to rock the rocker look at school and anywhere else.

Rocker Glam can be seen on start from Miley Cyrus to Amy Winehouse, and every person goes about wearing this style in slightly different ways. The good thing is that there is no one way to rock the rocker glam style. Students can go about adding certain fashions and accessories to their wardrobe and mastering the rocker attitude a little at a time.

Torn skinny jeans are an essential part of any chic rocker look; as they are with several current fashion trends. Skinny jeans are available in a wide array of washes and colors, and can be dressed up or down depending on what they are paired with. For a cool daytime look, try acid washed torn skinnies; for a night on the town, add sophistication with some dark wash skinny jeans and heels.

Shoes are one great way to make a statement when rocking this look. It doesn’t matter so much what type of shoes are worn; the main idea is to wear shoes that make a statement. Some people assume that to show off rocker style, clunky black biker boots are a must have; but this isn’t necessarily the case. A rocker chick can wear knee-high boots, skate shoes or even bright yellow stilettos!

To really hit the mark for this look, combine hints of femininity with hard, edgy fashions. For instance, lace up your biker boots with pink laces or wear a beaded lanyard to display your student ID. Lanyards have long been the most accessible way to display student ID conveniently. However, for years, lanyards have typically been nylon ropes containing rather drab designs, if any at all. No rocker chick wants to look like a gym teacher!

Today, one can easily find lanyards that feature cool designs or feminine beading or hip designs on nylon. Since a lanyard is the best and most convenient way to wear student ID, keys and even iPods, the rocker chick can find that perfect lanyard that shows off her feminine side and pair it up with jeans and a tank top.

When it comes to the types of shirts that add the rocker vibe to a look, there is a lot of room in which the stylish girl can play. Skinny jeans are a great match with bohemian style tunic tops; but for a casual outfit for school, a vintage t-shirt is the perfect fit.

In order to make the rocker glam style work, makeup and hair also come into play. Thick eyeliner and messy hair are hallmarks of this trendy style. The goal is to be fun without going overboard. When it comes to this style, as with any other style for glam girls, it is important that clothing fit well and compliment the proportions of the body; so be sure to always purchase only those pieces that flatter the figure.

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